Exhibition Work:

In Noise, an audiovisual work made for site-specific installation for the Creative Code Festival at Lightbox NYC. Made with TouchDesigner and Max/MSP, 2020.
2009, Along Z, a silent piece made for Escape010101’s “The Maze.” Made with TouchDesigner, 2020.
For Conway, my undergraduate thesis. Using an iteration of John Conway’s Game of Life, chance-based compositional elements and personally-filmed videos inform an audio-reactive 3D mesh. All videos used were shot during the beginning of the U.S.’s botched COVID-19 response, a pandemic that took Conway’s life before the piece’s premiere. Made with Max/MSP, 2020.
An excerpt from Threnody for a Reed Organ. Made using recordings of a 1924 Estey Reed Organ on the verge of failing, the piece seeks to preserve the organ’s memory long after it inevitably deteriorates beyond repair. The compositional elements employ a complex chance-based web that controls organ samples, my own vocal samples, and two guitar flourishes, never repeating twice. Intended to run in perpetuity, the piece was hosted on a Twitch channel throughout the entirety of 2019. Made with Max/MSP, 2018.


A visualization of the rapidly declining shorebird populations along the east coast overlaid upon a year-by-year time lapse of the coastal erosion along Chatham, Massachusetts. Created for Parsons MFADT with love to the art of birding. Made with TouchDesigner and Adobe After Effects, 2020.

An interactive data visualization depicting the division of outdoor learning locations across New York City. Outdoor learning locations are mapped side-by-side with the proportion of learning locations belonging to private schools, as well as the percentage of each given school district listed as white. The result is a map detailing the gross racial inequality rampant in the NYC school system. Made with P5.js and Leaflet, 2020.

A GLSL shader that responds to webcam input as well as eye movement. Using shaders, the sketch creates a surreal collage over which viewers can see their own eyes moving, presenting a bizarre dynamic of watching while being watched. Made with P5.js, 2020 (NOTE: this sketch only works in Chrome).


Process/Compulse, a scripted decision-based game based upon my years struggling to come to terms with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Drawing upon experience in exposure therapy, the game aims to illustrate how dire OCD episodes can prove to be. Made with P5.js, all audio composed myself, 2020.
The Commute, a 3D browser-based platformer about getting home from the office. Integrates teleportation and gravity manipulation to provide a unique, modular experience with endless solutions. Made in Unity, all sounds and music composed myself, 2020.